The Water School - activities

Water is valuable to us in so many ways: for science, culture, and for the economy. It is also fundamental as a natural habitat, and plays an essential role in many industrial processes.

On average, water accounts for around 70% of our bodies, and is therefore an essential drink. Yet while most of us understand this, very few realise what an important role it also plays in food production in agriculture in general.

Fewer people still realise that enormous volumes of water are required to manufacture virtually everything we see around us, from paper and wood to plastics and even metals, etc.

In a domestic garden just as in a large plant nursery, in the management of small holdings, large farms, and entire regions, water needs to be studied, cared for and managed with a sense of ethical responsibility. The Claber Water School is tangible proof of our belief in this philosophy.

The school is far more than just another corporate R&D centre. It functions as a multi-purpose, interdisciplinary centre, dedicated to training, learning, and the creation of a new way of thinking about and understanding water.

It is a place in which to study, work, and interact in an atmosphere of total symbiosis with water, where you can be inspired by the unique spirit of Pasiano and its river.

The multimedia hall is the very heart of the Water School. Equipped with the latest technical and didactic systems, the hall is designed to host Claber’s own training courses, and any type of convention or conference on the theme of water, including videoconferences.

La sala conferenze

The bottom floor of the school reminds visitors of the history of this unique building while also providing an introduction to the future of hobby and professional irrigation. This is the area where all new Claber products and systems are tested.

These tests require not only a great deal of time but also detailed scientific data collection. The objective is clear: to create new solutions that combine greater reliability with a more rational use of water.

The Water School also serves as a monitoring station for the river, to ensure that the river’s flora and fauna remain healthy and prosperous.

Far from being complementary, the river monitoring function is central to the revival of the river and the whole region. It attracts specialists in various disciplines to work hand in hand with the local authorities.

At Claber, we believe that a truly modern and socially responsible company needs to find the will and the strength to have a positive impact on the environment and on society as a whole. That is why we are determined to help guide the ideas and behaviour of our future generations.

The Water School is Claber’s contribution to ensuring future progress. It is open to all and has a mission to help create an ecologically sustainable world for us all.